Thursday, November 1, 2007

Farewell to General Tibbets

The man who believed that WASP could fly anything, including the B-29, has died. Paul Tibbets passed away today, Thursday, Nov. 1, at his Columbus, Ohio home.

Because of his belief in the airworthiness of the B-29 and his faith in the training and the skill of women pilots, 2 WASP were given the opportunity to fly the B-29. Once male pilots witnessed these 2 women flying the largest 4 engine bomber in the Army Air Force arsenal, the men no longer considered it unsafe to fly.

His leadership came at such a crucial time in our nation's history. His legacy is one of courage, honor and sacrifice.

*to read a letter from B-29 pilot Harry McKeown to WASP Dora Dougherty

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