Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Re: article in March 17, 2009, Washington Post --
"Congressional Gold Medal sought for female pilots"

Dear Editor:
"They taught us how to fly, now they send us home to cry, 'cause they don't want us anymore." Those words are from a song made up in 1944 by one of the 1,102 women pilots who served during World War II as Women Airforce Service Pilots, or WASP. The Army canceled the WASP program abruptly in December 1944, despite the amazing job these pilots did, flying every kind of aircraft the Army had, risking their lives to serve the nation. How wonderful that a bi-partisan group of Senators, led by Senators Hutchinson and Mikulski, has introduced a bill to give these brave women a long overdue honor, the Congressional Gold Medal. Let's hope Congress puts aside partisan differences and passes this bill promptly, while a wonderful exhibit about the WASP is still showing at the Women's Memorial (located at the entrance to Arlington National Cemetery).
Amy Nathan

Note: The letter writer is author of YANKEE DOODLE GALS, a National Geographic book about the WASP.

Amy Nathan

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Amy said...


I wrote this letter to the Washington Post -- not the New York Post -- in response to the article in the Washington Post on March 17.

I hope the WASHINGTON Post publishes it!