Friday, April 17, 2009


The bill to award the WASP the Congressional Gold Medal is making some headway, but our journey is NOT OVER until TWO THIRDS of both houses sign on as Co Sponsors.

THANK YOU to Senator Mark Udall of Colorado, Co-Sponsor #39, and THANKS to the 136 House members who have signed on to co-sponsor the HOUSE version of the Bill--even though it has not yet been introduced.

Congress has been off on 'Easter Break' but will resume work next week. At that time, the bill will finally be introduced in the HOUSE. That will be the perfect time for a BIG PUSH.

THE PLAN: Check the list of senators, and if yours is not on the list, CALL THEIR OFFICE! CALL and politely ask if they know who the WASP ARE? Then ask why their name is NOT on the bill! Make friends with whoever answers the phone. If your Senator is on the list, call one in the state next door--or call them all! CALLING WILL MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE--IT WEIGHS MORE THAN AN EMAIL!

This is not a Republican or Democratic issue, it is an AMERICAN issue. It does not benefit any one state, but our entire country. This is a 'do the right thing' moment--and we should give all those representatives who have not signed on the opportunity to do so! It is their chance to help us all say 'thank you' to the WASP and to honor their service.

So, stay in touch--post your thoughts at the bottom of this email--and let us begin the GIANT PUSH to GO FOR THE GOLD!

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