Monday, April 6, 2009

S.614 Central (Texas)

Good morning from S.614 central--at least Central Texas!

To your left, you will see the emblem of the CENTRAL FLYING TRAINING COMMAND for the AAF WWII. Emblazoned at the bottom: UT VIRI VOLENT--which means, "THAT MEN MAY FLY." It is a perfect motto for the command--and for the WASP who flew the missions for the training command.

Many WASP were part of this command in WWII, flying training missions--whether it was to tow a target behind their aircraft and prepare for the gunners in another aircraft to 'practice' using live ammunition, or to flying young men learning to be bombardiers and navigators, to flying simulated straffing and radar tracking missions. The WASP flew them all.

They were unique. They were patriotic. They were courageous. They were selfless. They deserve our thanks and our support.

We are now pulling out the stops, emailing our friends and supporters to encourage LETTERHEAD participation and support for Congressional Bill S-614.

National organizations carry much weight, and, after the Easter break, the Congress will be back at it. They need to KNOW about this bill. Adding the names of major companies and organizations will help shine a brighter light in every direction!!

If you are a member of an organization who has not yet endorsed this bill, please encourage them to do so. It is the right thing to do-- for all the right reasons!

God bless,

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