Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Always a lady... Grace Jones was a pioneer--in fashion and in flying.

Her store in Salado, Texas, became quite famous all over the world. "GRACE JONES" was so much more than a store. Because of Grace's keen eye and extraordinary taste, she raised the bar for FASHION--and her tremendous talent was sought after and studied. Even Stanley Marcus tried to hire her. However, Grace was independent. Born into one of the founding families of Texas, she was always her own woman.

Grace was also a WASP... a very well dressed WASP!

She passed away quietly February 16, 2008.

Below are 3 links:

Wings Across America "FINAL FLIGHT" (which includes the original article in the Temple Daily Telegram and photos of Grace

A wonderful personal tribute from the Austin School of Design Blog by fashion designer and teacher Mary Margaret Quadlander

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