Monday, October 30, 2017

I'm Outside the Box Again!

This time, it's all about a bear. I designed him, created the prototype with a bear manufacturing company, wrote a book about the bear, planning a website about the bear, and now, we're on Kickstarter!
Here's your invitation to read all about it:

It's All About the Bear!

What I'm fishing for? seeking? coveting...are a few backers. You all saw right thru that, I'm sure.   We have reached ten percent of our goal.  With your help and a little mustard seed faith, we WILL reach it!
The project itself is educational, inspirational and should be FUN!  We need sponsors who 'get' it.' So, please consider checking it out. 
I'll remain grateful, either way.
God bless,
Nancy P.
#MustardSeedFaith #WASPWWII