Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Tomorrow morning, April 28, Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida will be introducing HR 2014--the HOUSE version of the bill to award the WASP the Congressional Gold Medal. This incredible lady, along with another incredible lady (Democratic co-sponsor), Rep. Susan Davis of California, and their staffs have been working at full speed -- and there are now 174 co-sponsors--well over half the necessary number. Unfortunately, her speech will be short. She has been given 1 minute. ONE MINUTE! That's not even a second for every co-sponsor! However, if anybody can do it, SHE CAN!

You are invited to TUNE IN 10am eastern time--C-SPAN (HOUSE CHANNEL). Otherwise, I will post video tomorrow.

And now a special message to the friends, fans and families of the WASP.

There are still 13 Senators and 116 Representatives to go.

You would think getting this bill passed would be easy. I did. You would think honoring the most incredible women pilots in history would be easy? I did. You think this is EASY? If it were easy, then everyone would be doing it and everyone would have a gold medal.

OK, so it is not easy. That's why

We could sit on our hands, and perhaps the right thing would be done and this bill would get passed. BUT WHEN? How many more WASP would be gone or unable to travel by then?


It has not been easy. What began as a simple idea has turned into armies of people riding off in all directions--but, here's the thing--in every direction, there is potential for victory! So, we send letters, email, call, fax, twitter and just plain flap our wings!

I would encourage you to refuse to be overwhelmed. Don't be put off by all the choices there are. JUST PICK ONE AND START TODAY....START NOW:)

Call - every Senator has a direct line. Ask to talk to them, but if not, share these things with the person who answered...they are trained to write it down:
1. support Bill S-614.....Congressional Gold Medal to honor the WASP
2. who are the WASP? the first women in history to fly America's military aircraft! American Pioneers. Women. History. and their records were sealed before the end of WWII...and, because of that, they were LEFT OUT of the history books. It is time to correct that. After 60 years of America not knowing...it's time.
3. why the timing is so important? they are all in their 80's and 90's, and, although still spry and spunky, we don't want to loose a single WASP before this could happen in Washington for them.
are not asking....we are asking. They have never asked for recognition.
4. Sign on and CO-SPONSOR Senate Bill s-614. Please make this happen honor these pioneering heros who were left out of the history books. I think Senator _____would agree. He/She understands the value of honoring our own ....understands American pride and inspiration that we all received from our heros.

Email - from "SOAP BOX ALERT" --which gives you a one click way to send emails. OR, every Senator and Representative has an email form on their website......write the same short, compelling letter...cut and paste it in each box...push send! That's it.

Twitter. I know -- this is stretch for most of us. However there are 15 Senators who are not signed on--who all have twitter accounts. I KNOW that the Senators are not standing there watching new tweets pop up on their phone. They have someone, staff or intern, watching their incoming messages and writing them down. But, here's the thing-----how old do you think that staff person watching those twitters is? And how compelling do you think it might be for them to receive a pop up tweet about lady pilots from WWII. Sure beats most of what they have popping up on their phones--about the budget and torture and on and on. We are helping the WASP pioneer a whole new way of communication!

Since going online with twitter, I've learned all about tweats and retweats. IN fact, I've now been retweted by the Smithsonian (apx. 5,000 followers) and Starbucks (157,000 followers) to name 2. My original message was retweated or 'forwarded' to over 160,000 in one click. Trust me when I tell you -- THAT is very, very cool. The message about the WASP is reaching around the world!

So, there may be no real 'easy button,' and there may be no way to just click once and turn the bill into law, but, here's the thing, one click actually can make a difference! One person can make a difference. Yes, indeed. Whether you make one phone call or spend the day emailing everyone in the Senate, YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

Thanks for listening--and thanks for your part--whatever that may be! We must get this done. We will get this done.....it is the right thing to do right now.

Charge ahead....be a champion for a WASP today!

God bless you all,
nancy parrish

ps All the history and information you need....if you don't have time to look: