Friday, September 3, 2010

A Tough Thing to Do

It has been a long week.  We've lost 4 WASP and 1 Flight instructor -- that I know of.  Their stories have now been added to  the WASP Final Flight page and to Facebook.

I've realized that it may be a tough thing to do-- to decide whether or not to 'like' a post for a WASP who has made her final flight.  I would hesitate, and I'm the one posting them.    I know some of you may be hesitating as well.

It is hard to post them.  This week, it seems that posting these sad messages has been all I've had time to do.

But I have discovered the joy of sharing these lives with you and I hope their stories have meant more than just something sad.  I hope they have lifted you as well.   What a joy these ladies are to know -- and, even nearer the end of their lives, we can still learn so much from each of them.

So, please consider posting  "thumbs up"  when you read a post, sad tho it may be.    To me, it is your way of saying "yes" to the life she was blessed to live and the difference she has made -- and, if it has touched you, say that too, so that more will be uplifted. 

I'm sorry there are so many.  There will be more.  Tom Brokaw called the WASP 'emblematic' of the Greatest Generation, and they are all leaving us much too soon. 

Have we learned the lessons they have tried to teach us?   There are so, so many, and the examples and stories come alive for me -- they spell honor, integrity, service, commitment, patriotism, faith... and on and on...

There are less than 300 WASP -- all over 85.  To me, they are all larger than life.

Pray for the WASP and their families. 
Pray for those in harms way serving today. 

God, please continue to bless America.

Respectfully posted by nancy parrish